C. B. Sorge Fun Time Casual Blog Land

1st: My sprouts as of today. The eggplant and potted cockscomb, the big guys in pots, are so handsome. My reseeded chard is coming sooo much more- this time I soaked the seeds for a bit before planting them, definitely worked. 

The small clementine crate is a perfect planter! I put some flower sprouts I’d thinned out of the tray on the left in to that to see if they’d survive. Yes, I felt bad thinning out sprouts…c_c  Some of the coleus plants there already have little purple spots on their cotyledons! Precious babbus.

2nd: This stage I’m calling “tangle buddies”. I think they’re leggy from not strong enough light. I blinked and suddenly big adult leaves whoaa. 

3rd image: So what I thought were peppers last time were tomatoes, and my peppers hadn’t sprouted. They need warm soil so I’m using my laptop’s power adapter as a heat source for them and some Spanish flag since I don’t feel like getting reptile heat mats that go bad quickly.

4th: I have a use for my abundance of empty med bottles- seed storage! No more wondering if I’ll dump the dust-particle sized flower seeds in to the garden bin.

Used fish fertilizer for the first time. It’s not super stinky but there’s wiffs of nostalgia-of gutting freshwater fish we caught with my grandpa at the lake.

I’m addicted to these compressed peat pellet seed growing things. No buying pots or soil, store very small, get a refill of a ton for a few bucks, SPROUT ALL THE THINGS!

Last week I put soil in the pots outside, wooooo.

Those big sprouts are zucchini and they look like pac man going “om nom nom”. They’re HUGE and grew really fast! Behind them are the cheyenne peppers, I think. 

I’m calculating how much stuff I need for a soil mix to fill all my planters, and then figuring out how that translates to the increments that things are sold in.  Gallons vs cubic feet vs pounds, though only dicks sell stuff by the pound >:C

Is it spring yet?! 

Babbies growing!! I got stupidly happy seeing them. 

L-R : rainbow Swiss chard, kale, and cockscomb. The eggplant is growing but the sprouts are SO TINY I can barely see them let alone photograph them! it’s insane!